Kathleen Finlay interviewed on the CTV News Channel on CRTC’s approval of 988 for Canada, beginning in November 2023.



Kathleen Finlay, founder of the 988 Campaign for Canada, interviewed on the CTV News Channel anchored by Angie Seth.





Kathleen Finlay talks about her  campaign to bring 988 to Canada on CBC National News and the World at Six.


Audio interview on CBC Radio News flagship The World at Six




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As many as 11 Canadians die from suicide every day.  Several times that number try to end their lives, every day.  These tragedies are preventable. The three-digit 988 hotline, which I called for in a campaign that began three years ago, will make a huge difference.  It took too long before Canada’s politicians and mental health establishment responded to the idea. Now it’s taking too long to put it into place.

Here’s how you can help to get 988 in Canada moving.

Write to Hon. Carolyn Bennett,  Canada’s Minister for Mental Health and Addictions.  Tell her you support the urgent roll out of 988 for Canada. I introduced the idea of 988 for Canada three years ago. Waiting another year, until November 2023 as the government plans,  is not good enough.  Here is her email address.  Write to your MP and Prime Minister Trudeau. Use your social media account to voice your support.  On Twitter, use #Bring988toCanada.  Reach out to members of the media on social media as well.  And make sure you contact us at the 988 Campaign for Canada. Every day dozens of families who have lost loved ones to mental health crisis write to show their support for 988 in Canada. They know it will save lives.