U.S. Approves 988

Experts say it is the biggest innovation in suicide prevention since the 1970s. CTV National News chief anchor Lisa LaFlamme called 988 "three numbers that could make all the difference" in Canada, too.


On October 24, 2020 President Donald Trump signed into law The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act, which will make the three-digit number 9-8-8 the universal lifeline for mental health crisis and suicide prevention. The greatest telephonic innovation in public safety since 911, the bill was passed unanimously by both the U.S. House and Senate, and received a unanimous vote by the FCC which regulates the use of such numbers. The law, which was the product of years of clinical and technological research and public consultations, enjoys the whole-hearted support of top mental health experts and advocates. A bold and much needed move by the United States, now is the time to bring 988 to Canada.

Let’s get on with it and save lives!

Watch Kathleen Finlay’s interview on Wild/Outdoor TV. Support for 988 is coming from surprising places. But the biggest surprise is that the federal government, cabinet ministers, MPs and Senators are still silent on this life-saving innovation.


Watch what CTV National News chief anchor Lisa LaFlamme says about 988, the three- digit national suicide prevention lifeline, and the woman behind the campaign to bring it to Canada. Then read more about it inside. It really does beg the question: With an innovation like this that has been shown to be a game- changer in saving lives, why are our federal politicians giving it the back of their hand — even as our rates of suicide and mental health crisis soar during COVID-19.